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1) The Account Officer primarily responsible for my relationship at my lead bank has been my banker for the following number of years:
Less than 1 year
1 to 2 years
2-4 years
over 4 years

2) The likelihood that I will be shopping for a new or an additional bank within the next six months is:
under 10%
10 to 25%
25 to 50%
over 50%

3) Over the last month I feel that my bank's concern about credit quality in its loan portfolio has:
remained unchanged
Don't know
I haven't seen my banker in a month.

4) I really like doing business with my banker because (select one):
Has known me personally for years
Really knows my business and industry
Has never turned me down
Operationally they're excellent
Sorry, but no specific reason comes to mind

5) Over the last month my bank has made the following number of operational errors:
2 to 4
5 or more

6) If I could get my banker to be more flexible on just one aspect of my borrowing relationship I would like him/her to:
Lend me more money
Lower my rate and/or fees
Extend my loan's final maturity
Release collateral and/or my guarantee
Loosen my financial and/or reporting covenants

7) The primary reason I moved my business from my last bank was (select one):
I didn't like the bank's response to my credit request
They committed far too many operational errors
I got tired of constantly training new account officers
I just got a better deal
Other reasons, or haven't changed banks yet

8) I'd characterize the degree to which my banker is truly one of my "financial partners" as:
Basically helpful, but mainly on lending issues
Generally a helpful resource on many financial topics
I consult my banker on all significant financial aspects of my business

9) I'd characterize the extent to which my banker has tried to cross-sell services to me (other than loans and deposits) as:
Occasionally it's a topic during our visits
Too frequently!

10) The last additional product/service I bought from my bank:
Improved our relationship because it was an excellent experience
On the margin was about like the rest of my experience in dealing with my bank
Was not a good experience, and thereby hurt our relationship
No comment/can't remember


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