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"At the end of the day, when it's all         said and done….

Much more got said than ever got         done!"

John O. Huston

Unfortunately, all too frequently this sums up the experience most PCOs (Private Company Owners) have had with their advisors and consultants. Why? Because they failed at the outset to assess the willingness of those required to make the prescribed changes.

Executive Sessions ensure that changes get implemented with quantifiable results. How? By gathering together those who will need to embrace the change before committing to the implementation. Executive management gets to spot "resistance speed bumps" plus gauge the overall receptivity of the change implementers. In the end, successful change depends much more on its acceptance than its brilliance.

That's why each Executive Session is structured in the form of a question. When management emphasizes the importance of the question, implementing the answers is assured.

Listed below are our most frequently requested sessions. Each has been designed as an intense, standalone experience, either as a one hour or a three hour session

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How Supportive Will My Bankers Be In An Economic Downturn?
Who Gets The Best Loan Terms?
Why Do I Still Need To Personally Guarantee My Company's Loans?
Is It Time For Us To Change Banks?
How Can We Balance Equitably The Three Conflicting Goals Facing All Family Businesses?


Is The Leading Bank in Every Market Always the One With The Greatest Number of High Value Clients?
What Tools Would Work Best For Growing Our Revenues Per FTE?
Is Our Credit Process Truly A Competitive Advantage?
How Can We Simultaneously Increase Both Our Net Interest Margin And Our Credit Quality?
What Are Our Best Tactics For Winning Market Share Today?

The One Hour Session: In this meeting with your management team we discuss the strategic issues surrounding the specific question you want addressed from the ten listed above. This session enables you to make a wiser "go/no-go" decision before commiting to implement any potential solutions.

The Three Hour Session: This workshop translates the strategies from the One Hour Session into action. By the end of this meeting your team will have quantified the benefits arising from answering the specific question from the above list of ten. The attendees coalesce into a team to evaluate which solutions will generate the richest and fastest payback. Timelines and metrics to measure success are developed. The Three Hour Session provides the template for reaping quantifiable benefits. Because your team selects these solutions which are optimal for your company, both "buy-in" and accountability are assured.

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