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USPrivatecompanies, LLC helps Private Companies headquartered in the U. S. access all the capital they need to grow. We only assist private firms whose owners are intent upon growing their wealth and wisdom. They typically post annual revenues from $5 to $100 million, and rely upon maintaining a rock solid relationship with their commercial bankers.

Do you share our conviction that private companies are the lifeblood of American business? Do you have our passion for helping this sector grow? Do you feel those firms which have prospered through several generations are most emblematic of America's true greatness?

And, do you sincerely want to contribute to the success of these companies? If so, do you have the experience to join USPrivatecompanies, LLC?

Then please send us your resume. We will respond within 48 hours to discuss our mutual passion.

However, please only express your interest in joining us if you have:

1) A Ph.D. or MBA, plus at least 20 years of business experience in banking or finance (not counting time in academia)


2) You've spent more than 20 years as a CEO or PCO (Private Company Owner).

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