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 Banks are doing business to make money, not loans

Keep these points in mind if you're asking banks for credit today. (click here to view complete article)
ABOUT USPrivatecompanies, LLC

"Private Companies are the heart of American business. Their continued growth is the lifeblood of our country's commercial greatness."
-- John O. Huston

After financing thousands of businesses during my 30 year banking career, I started USPrivatecompanies, LLC to help Private Company Owners (PCOs) attract all the capital they need to grow.

At five banking institutions I've been CEO, Chief Credit Officer, or the Manager of all Commercial Accounts. I determined how much we'd lend, at what interest rates, and to whom. Now I'm helping PCOs finance their business by presenting their company's story in the most effective and straightforward manner possible.

Our clients typically post annual revenues of $5 to $100 million. They rely on having rock solid banking relationships. Some are family businesses trying to balance equitably what's best for the company, the owners, and all family members. Others are bringing a new concept to market. Arranging angel financing is an exceedingly satisfying segment of our activities.

In addition to assisting with capital issues, USPrivatecompanies, LLC conducts Executive Strategy Sessions to focus management teams on their critical success variables. (Click here to view our most requested presentations.)

And if you have voiced any of these concerns (click here) then I can help. Experience counts. It's the best predictor of success.


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